Revonna Mitchell
Ph D., President, Owner
Dr. Mitchell was the founder of Peach Realty, and has co-owned it  for over 20 years. She has several years experience teaching courses for Master of Business Administration (MBA) students. She has over fifteen years experience in telecommunication and presently holds a PhD degree in Finance.

La-Vaughn Graham Starks
Vice-Pres. & Chief Financial Officer. Owner
Ms. Starks was Vice-President and co-owner of V&V Trucking Company. She has over 20 years experience with a fortune 500 manufacturing company. She is a Certified Project Manager through Project Management Institute, and a Certified Trainer, Recruiter, and a Certified Network Engineer (CNE). She holds an MBA degree in Finance and Decision Science.

Chineitha Graham Kyles, 
Treasurer & Vice President of Projects
Mrs. Kyles has over 20 years with the United States Postal Service and Armed Forces (United States Air Force). She has served as Postmaster for the US government. She also serves as a Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Instructor. She received her BA degree in Business Management and her MBA degree in Business.

(L to R ) Chineitha Graham Kyles, Revonna Mitchell, 
La-Vaughn Graham Starks  

* The owners of MTG Consultants, Inc are all biological sisters.
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